Breakheart Reservation Massachusetts

There are two towns that the reservation runs through. We have Breakheart Reservation Saugus and Breakheart Reservation Wakefield.

Breakheart Reservation MA is 18 kilometers (11 miles) north of Boston and it will usually take less than an hour if you are driving by car.

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Breakheart Reservation MA Parking

Since there are two locations, you also have two options when parking for Breakheart Reservation.

Parking is free for both locations and there is no entrance fee for the reservation.

Breakheart Reservation Wakefield Entrance

Northeast Metro Tech School, 100 Hemlock Rd, Wakefield, MA 01880

Breakheart Reservation Saugus Entrance

177 Forest St, Saugus, Massachusetts 01906

Once you see a shopping center with Marshalls and Panera Bread, you are on the right track. Breakheart Reservation is located right near there and there is a big sign so you won鈥檛 miss it.

At the Breakheart Reservation Saugus entrance, they have the visitor center and more information on the reservation. You can read the Breakheart reservation rules and can learn more about hiking on the reservation.

There is a parking lot and you can park along the road heading to the entrance.

breakheart reservation massachusetts
Saugus Entrance

What You Will Need for Your Hike

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the reservation on a hot sunny day or a cold and rainy day, you should definitely bring all, if not some of the items listed below to help protect yourself!

How Many Miles in Breakheart Reservation MA?

The Breakheart Reservation Loop is a 3 km (2-mile) loop and it usually takes less than an hour to complete. However, there are other trails that are longer; the reservation is pretty big.

Things to Do at Breakheart Reservation

Inside the reservation, there are two freshwater lakes and a forest. You can also see the Saugus River.

You can enjoy the reservation by going for a walk on a sunny summer day. Even when it is cold, it is still an amusing walk.

However, there are countless activities to do there, from biking to swimming. There are two parks, one for children and there is even a Breakheart Reservation dog park for your furry kid.

There鈥檚 more information about the trails on All Trails. This is website is always super helpful when planning a hike.

There鈥檚 a huge forest on the reservation and cute little creatures. I鈥檝e seen some chipmunks as well as snakes.

There are a few designated spots to have a picnic on the reservation which is always nice. They have grills and benches.

The Lakes Inside Breakheart

Pearce Lake

Inside the almost 3 square kilometers (652-acre) reservation, they have two freshwater lakes: Pearce Lake and Silver Lake.

Pearce Lake is a big lake with a kids’ park close by. The last time I swam there, I got out of the water and there were a few leeches on me so I don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l ever swim in there again.

To get to Pearce Lake, AKA the Lower Pond where Breakheart Beach is, it鈥檚 easier to park at the Wakefield entrance. From the Wakefield entrance, you will walk for about ten minutes, and then you will see the lake.

You cannot swim at Silver Lake but it is still nice to look at. You can even see some interesting wildlife that lives throughout the reservation.

Part of the Saugus River is also inside the reservation.

Breakheart Loop

Trails Inside the Reservation

To walk around the reservation, you can walk on the paved path or go off the path and follow the colored dots on the trees.

A few trails inside the reservation include the Saugus River Trail, Pearce Lake and Upper Pond Trail, and the Breakheart Reservation Loop. You can find more information at the Saugus entrance.

I鈥檝e walked a few of the paths that they have such as the Saugus River Trail and the Breakheart Loop (3 kilometers, 2 miles).

There are a few trails to choose between that are roughly between 5 and 8 kilometers (3 miles, 5 miles) long.

Check out more trails on All Trails.

After Your Hike

Since Breakheart Reservation sits right on route 1, you can go get something delicious to eat. There are countless restaurants and a variety of them.

Kelly鈥檚 Roast Beef and Panera Bread are both right outside the Saugus entrance and then there are other restaurants on the other side of the highway such as Border Cafe and Prince Pizzeria.

There are many more so check out Google Maps.

I am not too sure if there are restaurants at the Breakheart Reservation Wakefield entrance. Even if there aren鈥檛 any, route 1 is just right on the other side of the reservation so it is not too far or long of a drive.

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