For a greener tomorrow and to save some money, I recommend buying a few items before your trip abroad. I’ve made a list of 10 useful travel accessories that you might want to bring when you go abroad.

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Amazon and eBay are the top two sites from which I get my travel accessories. Usually, they cost a fortune overseas so I wait until I come home to buy my necessities.

MightyNest is also a great website. I had a subscription for a year and got a bunch of cool gadgets every month. One of the months I got a reusable bamboo silverware set. I bring that with me everywhere I go. I also threw a bamboo straw in there because plastic straws are horrible!!!

Most of the items that I have used from the list below have worked out great for me. I have found that these items have come in handy more than three times so I believe they are great products.

They aren’t necessarily in order but I did put the last three at the bottom because they aren’t that necessary for traveling abroad.

Power Adapter

This power adapter works great at my house so we shall see how it works overseas. If anything goes wrong, I will update this but I’m feeling pretty good about it. The reviews were also great. I’ve also had the one pictured below for a few years. It’s been with me to Ireland, Thailand, South Korea, and South America. I love it but since the adapter itself is not super light so I get nervous when it hangs from the wall socket…probably not too safe.

useful travel accessories

Power Bank

If you love to take pictures and use your phone (who doesn’t??) this is one of the key travel accessories that you should bring.

I have found that carrying a power bank with me everywhere I go has come in handy countless amount of times. Not just for me but for my friends as well. Whether it’s for your phone, camera, or anything that needs some charging, having one of these things can save your life. Literally.

I’ve had a few of them whenever I go on trips and trust me, they are worth every penny. That being said, they are not expensive at all. You can get 5,000, 10,000, or 20,000 mAh. You can also get a higher mAh but in my opinion, it will just add more weight to your bag and it’s kind of unnecessary.

I always get the largest size. I ended up buying a cute 20,000 mAh one when I was in Korea for about USD 30. Not too bad.

RFID Wallet/Mini Purse

These next three useful travel accessories will help save time and your wallet!

This is yet another great purchase. Along with it being RFID (radio-frequency identification), it is also anti-theft. I bought this at Target back in 2019 before my trip to Thailand and we’ve been going strong ever since. If I remember correctly, it was USD 40, which is not bad at all.

Anti-Theft Purse

I actually bought this on Amazon. This was the perfect size to put my water bottle in when I go for a day trip or whatever. Always gotta bring a water bottle.

Anti-Theft Backpack

I looooove this backpack.

It has an RFID on the inside to protect the important things and it also has a TSA lock on the outside and a USB port that connects to a power bank on the inside. HOW COOL. I love this thing cause it’s also waterproof so it’s nice to bring on a day excursion.

UV Light Water Bottle

The CrazyCap 2.0 water bottle was another handy item to have in South Korea. Although some people said you could drink the tap (which I did a few times), others are against it. I also used it in three of the main cities in Colombia. The locals told me that the tap water in Bogotá, Cartagena, and Medellín is safe to drink so I drank it after running the CrazyCap once or twice, and was fine.

The 17-ounce water bottle has a UV light that decontaminates the water in about a minute and comes with a USB power cord for the cap.

Survivor Filter Pro

I think this would’ve been a lot more helpful in Thailand if I had it back then. It definitely would’ve helped me to use fewer plastic water bottles. But hey, now I know right? 

I tried this filter out right before I left for Korea. There is also a battery operated but I figured this one would be better because fewer chances of it breaking. My dad and I did a water sample test. We had tap water, survivor filter water, UV light water, and filtered water from the fridge. We both found that the survivor filter tasted a bit odd but not bad enough to deter one away from drinking it.

It’s also super small and it comes apart to fit in the bag so you can bring it anywhere with you. This will help me save more money and use less plastic. I had a Brita filter in my apartment in Korea so I didn’t really need this thing.

Menstrual Cup

One of the most useful travel accessories for ladies:

If you want to save money when abroad, I cannot recommend this product enough. Tampons and pads are usually pretty expensive abroad and this is a one-time buy. It comes as a two-pack and they have worked out tremendously. You can boil them between every use to give them a good clean. You can also choose what size. Ditch the one-use tampons/pads. Not only is it better for the environment but it’ll also save you thousands of dollars!!

Reusable Utensils/Straw

I also sewed a little bag for it.

I got this cool pack one month from MightyNest. I love it. This set is made from bamboo. It is a perfect size and I’ve had it for at least two years now so the set is durable! Also, yet another reason to ditch the plastic! I sewed the little bag.

Selfie Stick/Tripod

I bought a selfie stick in Korea because I’d go on so many solo trips.

Looking back on it, I wish I had a tripod. I bought this tripod from Amazon and love it!! It comes with a Bluetooth remote control.

I’ve loved every one of these useful travel accessories and cannot recommend them enough! I will be sure to add more items to the list once I’ve tried them out ????