Welcome to My Life

“People say that you’re going the wrong way when it’s simply a way of your own.”

-Angelina Jolie

Oh Hey There

I’m maria & Welcome to my little spot on the web

My life has been unpredictable, especially since I started traveling and teaching English. Sometimes it’s fun, other times not so much.

Come join me on my excursions and follow me if you want to travel and teach ESL around the globe! It’s pretty simple and extremely rewarding. You’ll (hopefully) adore your job and create countless memories that will stay with you forever.

I grew up in a town about twenty minutes away from Boston.

From the start of my college years, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I chose psychology as a major because that is the subject in which I had the most credits. I took Spanish throughout high school and college. It became my minor. I also took some French and Italian classes as well because I have always been so fascinated with languages.

Fast forward to my senior year of college in 2016, where I STILL didn’t know what career path fit me. I went out on a whim and signed up for a month to study abroad in Costa Rica. I was indecisive at first but pushed myself to do it. I pushed myself because I knew it was what I really wanted. It was undeniably one of the greatest decisions that I had ever made. It was my first time traveling without family.

I signed up for a TEFL course in November 2018. 

In January 2019 I started my practicum hours. I ended up completing way more hours than required because I enjoyed it so much. My passion for teaching was coming into view.

While I was finishing up my practicum hours, I started chatting with people in Facebook groups about what their next step was going to be. I came across someone who said that they were tired of their life in the US and they wanted a change. I related to this person because I didn’t want a 9-5 job (later I realized that I just didn’t want the 9-5 job in the US). They told me that they were going to teach in Thailand. I was intrigued. At that time, I was looking into going somewhere in South America because I wanted to improve my Spanish. Not all countries hire year-round so I looked into Thailand.

A month later, I went to visit family in Ireland for two weeks. A month after landing back in Boston, I was off to Thailand.

Thailand was without a doubt, a great decision that I made.

Since Thailand, I’ve taught in South Korea and Ecuador and traveled to Colombia. It’s been pretty great.

Sometimes it’s difficult not knowing what the future holds.

Then I come to the realization that no one really knows what they’re doing. It’s society that makes us question who we are and it’s the thing that makes me think I am living life the wrong way by not having a corporate job working 9-5. 

Sometimes I feel like I am breaking the rules and living life the “wrong” way. But sometimes, the rules have to be broken so you can find out who you are and what this life means to you.

Although I have started traveling later than I would have liked, traveling and seeing the world has been and will continue to be an experience and life that I could have never had if I did go by society’s rules. 

Breaking free has never felt so good.