11 Hours in San Francisco

My trip home from South Korea to Boston started out at Incheon airport. From there, I went to the San Francisco airport. From San Francisco, I ended up in New Jersey. Then FINALLY from New Jersey, I flew to Boston, MA.

Last selfie in South Korea
On my journey back to the States, I got to spend 11 hours in San Francisco. It was a nice half-day filled with a few adventures.

I left South Korea at 5 pm on a Saturday.

My friends drove me to Incheon airport, how sweet.

Me, Jihan, & Joon
And, I was off to San Francisco Airport (SFO)

I flew with United. Just like the plane ride to South Korea, the plane to the US was empty. It was nice cause the plane ride was 14 hours so being able to stretch my legs and sleep on the plane was a plus.

On that flight for some reason, I couldn’t change my preference for the food so I was anxious.

Luckily, the flight attendant was sweet and he gave me two plates. This dish was one of the best airline meals I’ve ever had. It was a bit spicy but flavorful.

During my 14-hour flight, I watched Harry Potter 1 & 2 and slept for a few hours.

I landed at the San Francisco airport around 11 am on a Saturday. Time change man. So weird.

My sister, Nicole lives in northern California so she drove down with her kiddies and we spent a little bit together.

11 hours in san francisco
Me, Kyler, Kanon & Nicole (AJ is sitting behind me hiding LOL)

It was super exciting because I also got to meet my nephews for the first time!!! ????

Since my flight wasn’t until almost 11 pm on that Saturday, we had many hours to kill.

Nicole picked me up at SFO. It was weird being back in the US but not being home yet.

It was a sunny and breezy day in San Francisco.

Our first stop was to get food because I was starving. Although I did have some food on the plane, 14 hours is a long time to go with just eating two small meals, for me at least.

We stopped at Taco Bell for a snack and then tried to find somewhere to eat.

We drove around and took the wrong turns a few times LOL.

We decided to go back to the hotel to drop off my HUGE suitcases.

Nicole got a room for the night at Aloft San Francisco Airport so we were about ten minutes from the airport.

We planned our short itinerary and decided to start off at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. It was as cool as it looks.

We parked on a little side street kind of thing and walked to a pier and saw this cutie seal.

From the area where we parked, you could see Alcatraz, which I thought was pretty cool.

Alcatraz!! (the white building thing to the left of the boat)

After we drove across the bridge, we tried to go to another famous landmark in San Francisco: Lombard Street.

We made it up the steep hill but didn’t actually go down Lombard Street. There were a lot of cars and driving through San Francisco is pretty confusing and busy.

Next, we added another stop on a whim: the Full House house. The door wasn’t the color it was in the show!! Still fascinating.

Full House!

We decided to spend the last few hours together in the hotel room. We ordered delivery from a Greek restaurant. I got some hummus and a Greek salad with falafel ????

Before we knew it, it was 8 pm. I took the free shuttle to the airport that was provided by the hotel and was on my merry way back to SFO.

I do wish I was able to spend more time in San Francisco, or just California in general. I had always wanted to go to California so I’m glad I decided to make a pit stop in the Golden State.

It was a great day. I hadn’t seen Nicole in a few years so the 11 hours in San Francisco were filled with excitement.

Until next time CA.

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  1. looks like you had a great time! i’ve always wanted to go to SF and see the golden gate bridge. i’ve only been to LA / Malibu, CA. thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  2. I am a SF local and you definitely hit some of the best points in the city. What a cool trip!

  3. This was a cool post. I’ve wanted to plan a trip to California for a while but I wasn’t sure of where to go. San Francisco is definitely on my list!

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