How to See the Phi Phi Island Viewpoints

If you have heard of Thailand, then the Phi Phi Island viewpoints are probably no secret to you.

The tropical Phi Phi Islands have made a drastic comeback since the 2004 tsunami hit.

The Indian Ocean tsunami destroyed most of the islands and since being rebuilt, the islands have made a major comeback and are now one of the top places to visit in Thailand!

There are many things to do on the islands: from Maya Bay to Monkey Beach to the Phi Phi Island viewpoints.

If you head south of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, you will come across one of Thailand’s most famous islands where you can see the Koh Phi Phi viewpoints.

There are three viewpoints in total and you have to hike a bit to get to them.

But yes, the Phi Phi viewpoint hike is worth it and affordable too!

I highly recommend you see at least one out of the three!

If you are able to catch the Phi Phi viewpoint sunrise or sunset, you will not regret it!

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phi phi viewpoint 1 2 3
Phi Phi Viewpoint 1

What is Phi Phi Island Famous For?

Koh Phi Phi Don is well-known for its wild monkeys, the wild nightlife, and of course the Phi Phi Island viewpoints.

If you are lucky (which you will be), you will see monkeys roaming around the islands. Be careful and don’t feed them! Feeding them can hurt them- they can become malnourished since they have special diets and find their own food in the wild. If they see shiny objects, they will try to take them from you.

About the Phi Phi Island Viewpoints

The Phi Phi Island viewpoints are located on the main island: Phi Phi Don.

The viewpoints are where you can overlook the beautiful island and see both bays: Tonsai Bay and Loh Dalum Bay. You can see where the two almost meet at the thinnest part of the island.

You can even see the two different colored bodies of water and both beaches on either side.

If you get the chance to see the Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint sunset or sunrise, hop on that!

Even the sunset views from the beaches are spectacular.

If you are doing a day trip to Phi Phi, it might be difficult to see all viewpoints so your best bet is to see viewpoints 1 and/or 2.

How to Get to the Phi Phi Island Viewpoints

I am not sure if there are any tours to take to hike the viewpoints but if you are used to traveling by yourself, you will be fine getting to all of the viewpoints.

I used Google Maps and I cannot recommend using it. It will take you an extremely long way to get there.

One of the ways to get to the second and third viewpoints is to walk along an inclining paved road. Once you reach the rocky dirt road, you keep walking. You will see cabins on your left and then you will come across the second viewpoint. If you decide to keep walking to the right, you will find the third viewpoint.

From the main part of town, you can take the stair route to Phi Phi Island viewpoint 1 and make your way up that way.

As you are walking through town, you will see signs for the stairway to viewpoint 1 near Favela House, Harmony House, and Gatoon.

To get to Phi Phi Island viewpoint 3, from viewpoint 2 you have to walk out the back way. Once you see Phi Phi Bonita Resort, you will see signs for the third viewpoint. You just have to follow the signs and you will get there within 15-20 minutes.

Check out the Phi Phi viewpoint map here.
And here’s a map of Koh Phi Phi.

How Long Does it Take to Hike to the Viewpoints?

It honestly just depends on where you are leaving from.

From the main part of town to viewpoint 1, it takes about ten minutes to walk up the stairs. From the first to the second viewpoint, it takes another 15-20 minutes. To the third, it takes an additional 15-20 minutes.

If you decide to take the back roads, you will land at Phi Phi Island viewpoint 2 after about 40-50 minutes.

From PP Ingphu Viewpoint (book here), it takes about 35-40 minutes to reach viewpoint 2. You walk along the paved road and then once you get to the dirt road, you follow the sign that says viewpoint 2 and head through the trees and then another 15 minutes from there to reach viewpoint 3.

You will get to the second viewpoint from the back where you will see the cabins.

The third viewpoint from the second takes another 15 minutes. Just follow the dirt road.

What You Will Need to Hike the Viewpoints

For your Koh Phi Phi viewpoint hike, you will need:

  • water bottle– don’t forget to stay hydrated!!
  • snack/food
  • good hiking shoes
  • hat/sunglasses
  • sunblock
  • bug spray
  • phone/camera
  • at least THB 100 (USD 3) for the entrance fee plus spare in case you need water, food, etc.

The Phi Phi Island Viewpoints Entrance Fee

You can pay THB 30 (USD 1) at the first viewpoint. That just includes the first two out of the three.

Even if you do just the second one, it is still THB 30, so if you can do both, then do it!

The highest point and the last of the Phi Phi Viewpoints cost THB 20 (less than USD 1). The THB 20 also includes a bottle of water.

Viewpoint 1

Viewpoint 1 has the iconic “I Love Phi Phi” sign.

The first viewpoint is easily accessible. You must pay the THB 30 at the office.

You can take a look at the board to see what the islands looked like before the tsunami.

From this viewpoint, you can take a glimpse of the island. If you are hiking to the remaining viewpoints, you can take a break on the many benches or on the ground.

Viewpoint 2

phi phi viewpoint 1 2 3
Phi Phi Island Viewpoint 2

Viewpoint 2 is the most popular one of the viewpoints with the platform.

You can grab a coffee or ice cream at Viewpoint Cafe. There is even a small convenience store where you can buy a bottle of water to try and beat the scorching sun.

There are tons of places to relax. Find some shade under the trees while you sit on the rocks.

Don’t worry about phone service because it is almost nonexistent and the wifi reception is pretty terrible. But who needs it when you get to take in these views!!!

Well, I actually needed it because I couldn’t find the people that I hiked with LOL.

Viewpoint 3

The third viewpoint has separate owners so there is an additional fee, as mentioned above.
From the second viewpoint, you will walk on a bumpy dirt road. There will be signs every now and then that will help to confirm that you are going the correct way.

The third viewpoint will be the least busy out of the three.

You can hike from the second viewpoint or override the first and second and just head to the third from the backroads.

If you just see the third viewpoint then you have seen the best one. If you have the time, you can go back down and make your way to the first viewpoint.

phi phi island viewpoint
Phi Phi Viewpoint 3

Going Back Down From Viewpoint 3

Once you reach the third viewpoint, you will be exhausted.

Take your time and drink some water to prevent dehydration from the strong island sun.
You can cut through the second viewpoint to head to the first (if you took the other route).

You will have to pay the fee for the second viewpoint even if you are just passing through, so why not stay and see another viewpoint that you may have missed on the island.

If you’re wondering How do I go to Phi Phi Island, look no further:

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phi phi island viewpoints
Phi Phi Viewpoint 3

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