Breaking Free from Quarantine in South Korea

Quarantine in South Korea is no joke.

It seemed never-ending and a bit lonely.

On the first day of breaking out of quarantine; I get to leave my apartment!

It feels wrong that I was able to walk outside. I felt like I was breaking the law. Is that what complete solidarity does to you??

i'm as free as a bird

I just went for a little stroll around my neighborhood in Anjung, Pyeongtaek, and was able to see (up close) the progress that the construction workers had made on the building that is very close to mine. They’ve made quite some progress within the past two weeks. That has been some of my entertainment these past two weeks.

My neighborhood looked a bit deserted from my window.

Turns out it wasn’t THAT much of a desert as I thought it was going to be… Still desert-ish though. There were stores and several apartment buildings and restaurants once I left my street. Everything was about a 5-10 minute walk from my place which is super convenient.

south korea quarantine
7/11. Yay!

There was a lot to see in my little town. I only walked a total of two miles aimlessly because it started getting dark and I was hungry so I started to walk the wrong way home. Fun.

I’m glad that KakaoMap works without cellular data because I would’ve definitely been lost if not. I saw the Dominos that I ordered from twice throughout my quarantine period. I saw a few hair and nail salons. I also saw a bunch of parks and people walking around. And this box with pet food and water inside that was on one of the walking paths made me smile and warm inside. HOW CUTE.

When I went to grab some Soju, they had Singha!!!! My day was instantly made. That was my go-to beer when I was in Thailand. It’s so refreshing. Or maybe it’s just cause of these long two weeks of quarantine in South Korea.

The lady inside 7/11 thought that I was younger than 20, which is the legal drinking age in Korea. Good thing is that I downloaded English and Korean on Google Translate since I don’t have a phone plan yet this came in very handy.

Of course, it made me laugh because that happens to me everywhere even though I’m well over 20. Everyone always thinks I’m younger. Not mad about it.

I got a few snacks at 7 to try because why not. I have no idea what they say on the packaging but I got Cheetos and a candy bar. I thought that the Cheetos were spicy but Google told me otherwise. I guess they’re sweet and spicy. They are sweet. Back home, the spicy Cheetos are wicked spicy. I tried.

I’ve been eyeing this place because I thought it said “Paris Bagels.” Anyone who knows me knows I have a sick obsession with bagels.

After a quick KakaoMap search, I learned that it is called “Paris Baguette.” Still, it’s bread so I thought I’d give it a try on my walk back home. They had quite the selection. I got some egg salad and potato salad to try and this watermelon bar which was palatable because I also love watermelon ???? I also got a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, imitation crab, and some spicy sauce.

I thoroughly enjoy trying new food when I get to an unfamiliar country; it’s so exciting.

Checking out a new area with new food and unfamiliar stores is always fun; I love to explore new places.

I think quarantine in South Korea made me enjoy the outdoors more.

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