A Memorable Christmas in Thailand

Christmas was a fun celebration while I lived in Thailand.

It was probably one of the most memorable Christmases I’ve ever had.

Christmas in Thailand was celebrated by many while we were there.

christmas in thailand
Holy Redeemer Church Bangkok

A few stores throughout our town had some mini trees:

Nampu Plaza, Mahachai
Nutty Cake Cafe, Mahachai
Khod Tim Cafe, Mahachai
Central Plaza, Mahachai

The place we’d usually go to after Jaidee, Landmark, had a huuuuge tree with cute ornaments.

Landmark, Mahchai

How cute?1

A few weeks prior to Christmas, I went to my friend Indria’s apartment with my other friend Christina. We baked cookies and drank some wine. We always got boxed wine cause it was wicked cheap and did the job. She made some cookies for her cutie students with her small oven-like appliance. They didn’t come out too bad.

Indria had a Polaroid camera that we loved to use.

This was a night where the three of us forgot to eat dinner and drank quite a bit so you can probably guess how that turned out…

We just ended up taking a bunch of photos and going to Jaidee. Shocker.

Since Christmas was on a Wednesday, it was a bit more difficult to celebrate our Christmas in Thailand because we had to work. As always, we found a way.

On Christmas Eve, a few of us farangs went to Jaidee to have a mini celebration. Christina, Teddy, Craig, Yo, and I worked at Samut Sakhon Burana School and Indria worked at another school nearby.

From left to right: Christina, Indria, Teddy, Me, Yo, Craig

I ended up (sort of) decorating my apartment LOL. The decorations kept falling off though because it was so hot there and the tape wouldn’t stick.

One day, during our free period at school, Christina and I decorated our teacher’s room.

On Christmas day, Christina and I hopped in a tuk-tuk and went to Tesco Lotus to grab some festive donuts from Dunkin Donuts.

For our Christmas in Thailand, Christina found out that there was a mass that was in English in Bangkok.

The church that we celebrated at was called Holy Redeemer Church Bangkok. Me, her, and our other friend Indria decided to take a Grab to Bangkok after school on that Wednesday.

I hadn’t been to church in forever so it was a bit weird for me.

The priest at the church was humorous. He cracked some jokes that made us all cackle. The service lasted for about an hour.

After the mass, we walked our way to dinner. Christmas in Thailand was funny because it was blistering hot out. I’m used to having either a freezing Christmas or snowy Christmas.

The walk from the mass to our dinner spot was only about ten minutes.

For dinner, the three of us ate at Nonna Nella by Lenzi. It’s right inside All Seasons Place in Bangkok. Nonna Nella by Lenzi is a mouthwatering Italian restaurant.

We got some drinks and had ourselves a feast. We always liked to treat ourselves when visiting Bangkok since we ate the same food in Mahachai.

Dessert ????

I got a mojito with dinner and then we ended our dinner with some espresso martinis. For some reason, while I was in Thailand I always got mojitos, especially at Mahachai Jaidee; they were always refreshing.

For dinner, I got this feta cheese dish and then some gnocchi. The meal was delectable and satisfying.

After dinner, we decided to take a Grab back to Mahachai. We paid a visit to our friends at our favorite bar. I ordered yet another mojito (or five) and we hung out there for a while.

Of course, our Christmas in Thailand didn’t end there. After having a little photo shoot, the three of us and the owner of Mahachai Jaidee, and our friend, Jaung, went to Landmark to have an after-party. LOL.

We drank some Singha and had some more laughs. After our Christmas celebration, Jaung drove us all home.

Safe to say our Christmas in Thailand was extraordinary.

Christmas in Thailand ♥️

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  1. I would never have expected to celebrate Christmas in Thailand, but it looks pretty festive for the season! I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand. That’s so cool that you guys went to a Mass. I am from the Philippines and Christmas is a HUGE deal there considering it’s a Catholic country. Wow, now I want an espresso martini…haha. I hope you have a great start to the new year!

    1. Very interesting. I’ve always wanted to go to the Philippines. Celebrating Christmas there was pretty cool! Even though I don’t go to Mass when I am in the US, it was comforting. Happy New Year!

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