AK Plaza Pyeongtaek is a great area. It has everything that you will need as a foreigner/farang. There were a few AK Plazas from what I saw on Naver. They were all in different provinces though.

AK Plaza Pyeongtaek

From Anjung, it costs ₩1650 and takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get there from the bus stop that was right near my apartment. 97% of the time, I took the 80 bus to get there. The bus stop is about a 5-7 minute walk and about a 5 minute run (I’ve had to run a few times cause sometimes I just never checked Naver first 😂).

The bus is usually empty so grabbing a seat was easy. I’d look out the window into the unknown. Literally. Because when I was in Korea, I didn’t know where I was and reading Korean was not my strong suit.

Tmoney cards are so useful in Korea. More on that here. I found out later that I could’ve just tapped my bank card upon entering the bus (I had KEB Hana). For both the Tmoney card and your debit/bank card, all you do is just tap it when you get on and off and BAM. Don’t forget to enter the bus in the front door and the exit from the back door. Surprisingly, I never had any troubles with that 😅

AK Plaza is the stop right after Tongbok Market. I would always stare as we stopped. The market looked pretty cool. I actually ended up going there on one of my last days. I’m glad I did.

So once you get off at the AK Plaza stop (sometimes the bus mentioned it in English but 85% of the time it didn’t). AK Plaza is right there. Inside they have an ArtBox, Outback Steakhouse on the bottom floor, and a few restaurants on the top floor. They also have a bunch of other stores inside. It’s basically just a huge department store.

The ground floor is what reminded me of Macy’s the most. It has everything from Nike and Adidas to bedding and perfume. The top floor is where the food and a few restaurants sit.

Dozo Sushi was my favorite place. It was on the tippity top floor. It was tasty and satisfying ⬇️

There is also a food court with the same sushi place on the bottom floor, but it is smaller and it’s more of a quick in and out kind of place. I actually don’t know if it is the same sushi place but I assumed so because I saw the lady that waited on me upstairs down there one day.

Pyeongtaek Station is right inside of AK Plaza so you can take the escalator up from the street entrance and to the left is where the station is.

The Express Station is right across from Cafe Pascucci and the regular bus terminal is about a ten minute (if that) walk from the bus stop that I take to and from AK Plaza.

Down one of the 5 intersections is where Happy Dental is. If you type in “Happy Dental Pyeongtaek,” on the googs, it’ll show up. I swear it didn’t show up when I was first researching dentists in Pyeongtaek. For my first appointment, the receptionist said she would come and pick me up. So kind. 10/10.

Happy Dental is on the street that has New Balance and Paris Baguette on the left and the U+ store on the right. It has a lime green sign- you can’t really miss it.

The receptionist speaks great English and they were so kind and fairly-priced. I ended up finding the number through a Facebook group and calling. I got a cleaning and I got my fillings fixed. The cleaning was only ₩75,000. Back home when I got a cleaning it was $175. What a difference. They use this machine that they used in Thailand which sounds and feels a bit weird but hey, it does the job.

Down one of the other streets, they have a KFC, KEB (which was my bank), Adidas, Baskin Robbins, CU, Holly’s Coffee, and many other stores. Basically, they had everything.

The street with KEB, KFC, and Baskin Robins is where I’d catch the 80 bus going back to Anjung. There would usually be a swarm of people.

You can kind of see Moti Mahal under the bright sign on the right

Down that street is also where Moti Mahal was located (kinda). You just walk by the Baskin Robbins and take a left and you will see the sign.

Mountain Restaurant

There were SO MANY Indian restaurants down each of the streets. I tried two. The first one was Moti Mahal (pictured above). I’d usually end up spending around ₩20,000-30,000 getting the veggie samosas, curry, and naan.

On the corner walking there, there is another one but I never tried it.

Down the street where Happy Dental is, on the right side is where the second one that I tried is. In Naver it’s “Maunten Restaurant,” also known as Mountain Restaurant. This one was pretty good. I’d give it a 4.5/5. Moti Mahal gets 5/5. They are both similarly priced and have great naan.

I think if you’re living right in Pyeongtaek city in Korea, it really won’t feel all that different than the US. At least for me it didn’t. Having AK Plaza and all of the stores surrounding was so convenient.

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