The Sphynx Cafe in Korea

The Sphynx Cafe in Korea is located in Cheonan South Korea.

Cheonan-si is in Chungcheongnamdo which is on the western side of the country.

Cafes in South Korea

South Korea is known for having numerous cafes.

Their cafe culture is part of their identity and I love it. You will see cafes everywhere you go in South Korea.

So it’s no surprise that they have themed cafes all around the country.

They have all different types of themed cafes in Seoul, Busan, and other big cities.

Even if it isn’t a specific cafe, you might see an animal roaming around the cafe, which I love. It will most likely be the owner’s pet.

Whether you like dogs, cats, or any other animal, South Korea might have a cafe for that.

Although this cat cafe is not in Seoul, it is still a great place to go if you are traveling to this side of the country.

If you are a cat lover, you will enjoy this place. I mean, it’s a Sphynx Cafe so why wouldn’t you?

There are a few different cat cafes in South Korea. Sometimes the animals are free to roam around the whole area or they will have a designated room, and some will have specific species; there are countless options to choose from.

This one is a hairless cat cafe and the cats are in an enclosed space so they do not run freely around the whole area.

They still have plenty of room to roam freely and there is even a hidden room off to the side for them to go in if they don’t want to deal with the company scattered throughout the cafe.

Sphynx Cafe in Korea

How to Get to the Cafe From Anjung, Pyeongtaek

I would always take bus 80 from Anjung to AK Plaza Pyeongtaek.

From AK, I took line 1 to Cheonan.

It’s always fun to lose something in another country and can’t speak the language.

I left my bag on the subway.

I freaked out for a second and went to the closest person I saw and punched what I wanted to say into Papago (Google Chrome can translate it for you or you can download the app).

My bag was returned to me within ten minutes.

This happened to me once in Thailand too.

If you can’t speak Korean, download Papago.

From Cheonan Station to the Sphynx Cafe

From Cheonan Station, you will be able to hop on a bus, take a taxi, or walk.

Walking will take you about 40 minutes.

Once I got my bag back, I decided to walk over to the cafe.

The cafe will have a sign in front of the building. Once you walk up the stairs, you have to take off your shoes and put on a pair of sandals.

Inside the Sphynx Cafe in Korea

Inside the cafe, there are two places you can go: with the cats, or without them.

You might want to finish your beverage or food before going inside the designated cat area.

You can bring your food and drink to the room, but be warned because they might come after you. The cats are not allowed to have anything that you bring inside the room so just stay cautious if you do decide to bring something in.

Before Seeing the Cats

First, you have to buy something off of the Sphynx Cafe menu. Once you do, you can head into the room to hang out with the cats.

I got an iced tea and a chocolate chip cookie for KRW 8,000 (USD 6).

You even have to put on a smock for protection; their claws are long and sharp. You can hang up your coat or bag where you get the smock.

You can buy treats to feed the cats as cheap as KRW 1,000 (USD 1). There are accessories and toys that you can purchase if you have your own furry friend.

sphynx cafe menu
The Sphynx Cafe Menu

The Cat Room

If you have the time, you can spend a few hours here and you will not regret it.

I stayed for about an hour and a half before heading back to my city.

I counted 15 cats but the man at the counter said there were 18 so I think a few of them were hiding in their secret room.

You can play with the cats and take a bunch of photos with them. First, make sure they are okay with it though because some of them are feisty. And when you do give them treats, they will be all over you.

sphynx cafe in cheonan

From Cheonan to Pyeongtaek

If you are hungry heading back to Anjung or Pyeongtaek, I recommend going to these two places.

If you are heading back to the Anjung area, it is a bit of a detour but I can tell you that both of these places are worth it.

I heard about this sushi and place through either Facebook or another blog and had to try them.
Camp Humphreys has a bunch of different restaurants and bars within a few blocks.

I decided to go to Sam’s Sushi (in Naver it is saemseu sushi) and a Mexican restaurant called Guacamole (gwakamolle in Naver).

At Guacamole, I got a veggie burrito with sour cream and guacamole to go. Instead of getting guacamole, I got salsa fresca, and I didn’t get any sour cream. BUT it was still amazing. One of the best Mexican dishes I’ve ever had.

At Sam’s Sushi, I got the lobster roll that had lobster on the outside with cucumber and avocado on the inside for KRW 13,000 (USD 10), the Philadelphia roll that had salmon, cream cheese, and avocado for KRW 11,000 (USD 9), and shrimp tempura for KRW 8,200 (USD 6).

Here’s a TikTok of the Sphynx Cafe in Korea!

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  1. Cool cafe! I’m going to visit this cafe if I travel to South Korea again. Sphynx cats are very famous in South Korea now. There are a lot of Korean celebrities having them as their pet. Oh golly……I miss traveling to South Korea. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am IN LOVE with this growing trend of cat cafes. Not only does it offer a place where people who may not be able to commit to the care of a cat fulltime can get their cat fix, but it also serves as a great home for these cats where they are cared for and loved on at a time where we are dealing with a serious overpopulation issue in terms of stray and feral cats in many areas of the world. Honestly, it’s a win/win!

  3. How fun! We have cat cafes, but I’ve never seen one specifically for sphinxes. That is awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed it and that you got your bag back. 🙂

  4. What a unique idea for a cafe! I’ve never met a sphinx cat before but imagine they are super soft and cute to be around. I’m all for animal petting cafes, just wish there was a corgi or dog one near me, haha!

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