Delectable Restaurants in Bangkok

There are restaurants in Bangkok at every corner.

Since I lived only an hour away from the huge city, life was good.

Of course, my life in Mahachai was wonderful. But, being near the capital helped satisfy the cravings that I’d get when I was missing food from home. Usually, it was a bagel.  

Bangkok is a humungous city. Some places in Bangkok take an hour to get to FROM Bangkok. LOL. Of course, since it is where most tourists go and it is the capital, it has countless restaurants; from Greek to Mexican, Italian to Japanese, and of course, Thai food. The food in Bangkok is incomparable. One of the many perks of Thailand.

My friend Christina and I are both pescatarians so we learned quite a few Thai words that helped us navigate around our town and Bangkok.

If you haven’t heard of it, Au Bon Pain is international. It seemed like they had thousands of restaurants in Bangkok. Loved it for me.

There was this delicious ramen place called Mensho Tokyo in Bangkok. It is located right inside RSU Tower on Sukhumvit Road. My friend Christina and I went after one of our Bangkok nights. We got a hostel at Sleepbox Sukhumvit 22 so it was close by. Mensho Tokyo is right near an Au Bon Pain so, of course, I had a bagel before we went there. Actually, I think I had two.

restaurants in bangkok
Vegan Ramen + an Egg

Mensho Tokyo has savory vegan ramen. I added an egg on top of mine.

A few of my other favorite restaurants in Bangkok were Aesops and Tacos and Salsa.

Aesops Greek Restaurant is located right near Lumphini Park. It’s off of Rama IV Road in Silom, Bangkok.

I tried the flaming cheese saganaki for the first time, thanks to Christina. I’ve had it once since then and nothing can compare.

The two times that we went to Aesops, we tried a few different things off of the menu. We tried the saganaki, feta cheese with olives, eggplant, falafel, I always got a Greek salad with extra feta, of course. Their hummus with the fresh pita bread were to die for.

You can also smash plates. There was a party when we went there once and the plate smashing happened every second. It was a good time. Aesops is one of those places that you remember when you’re starving and then realize that you will probably never get food like that until you go to Greece or back to Thailand LOL. One of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok.

Tacos and Salsa had two locations on Soi Sukhumvit 18 and On Nut Road. I tried both of the locations and they were tasty. A few of my friends and I went to Tacos and Salsa on Sukhumvit before my flight back to the US. I guess the one on Soi Sukhumvit closed because of Covid. Sad.

Their salsas and guacamole appetizers were flavorsome. The salsa appetizer had five different salsas and a few were spicy but delish. I got their veggie quesadilla the first time I went and a Paloma. I loved how they used stainless steel straws instead of plastic. Makes me happy inside. Their fajitas were also quite filling and delicious. The churros were probably the best I’ve had since I was in Costa Rica.

Sunrise Tacos and La Monita were two other Mexican restaurants that were in the Bangkok area. Can you tell I am obsessed with Mexican food?? I worked at a Mexican restaurant for 6 years so I guess I have always loved it.

La Monita food truck is inside of the shopping mall: the Siam Paragon. It’s located on the G floor. Their nachos were amazing.

Veganerie Soul was another restaurant inside the huge shopping mall and also on the same floor. As you probably have guessed, they have vegan food. I tried their vegan burger and the Ceasar salad. I wasn’t a huge fan of the restaurant but it wasn’t terrible either.

Gen Sushi is actually not a restaurant in Bangkok but it’s in Mahachai. I just had to add it on here. A few of us girls went there for our Galentine’s Day 2020 which was cute. They had engawa sushi and also salmon. The sushi was incredibly fresh. Christina and I still talk about it. Sadly, we did not find out about it til later on, when we were close to leaving Thailand. Can’t wait to go back and get engawa hehe.

Engawa from Gen Sushi

Two other western restaurants that we frequented were called The White Oven and Three Girls and a Boy, as mentioned in my Mahachai post. They both aren’t actually located in Bangkok but it is mostly western food so I figured I’d include it here.

Three Girls and a Boy:

The White Oven and (below) Three Girls and a Boy (above) were expensive compared to the Thai restaurants in Mahachai but sometimes splurging was fun. Both of them also had English on their menu so that helped us foreigners.

White Oven:

My top three favorite restaurants in Bangkok were Au Bon Pain, Aesops, and Tacos and Salsa. I wish I was able to try more restaurants in Bangkok but that would probably take forever.

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