New Year’s Vacation 2019

Our New Year’s Vacation started in Bangkok. Then from there, we went to Pattaya, then to Koh Chang.
Sweet little dog at the hostel
Bangkok, Thailand

Our New Year’s vacation started off in the capital on the 27th of December 2019. We had a long 5 days to celebrate.

My coworker, Christina, and I took a train from Mahachai to Bangkok. Taking the train was always great it was 10 Baht and took about an hour. It stopped at Wonwian Yai. The BTS Skytrain (not the band) was about a ten-minute walk. So convenient.

Christina and I got to Bangkok before the others.

We stayed at Phobphan Hostel in Bangkok. There was this sweet little dog there.

We stopped at EmQuartier to do some shopping. Christina finally got me to shop at Zara. I got a cute shirt and skirt and she got a dress.

We had dinner and waited for our other friends, Jules, and Indria to get to the hostel, and then we were on our way.

New Year’s vacation had begun.

Havana Social
Bangkok, Thailand

First, we stopped at Havana Social and met some cool peeps. We ended up hanging out with some people from New York. We got free shots and bottles. That’s always nice, Then this dude took us to Levels and we got more free drinks. Yay.

Thailand is great cause they have 7s on every corner. Indria and I went to the closest one and I waited outside for her while smoking and talking to some cool Thais. We got Christina food but she was passed out by the time we got back.

We ended the night late and started the next morning early. Christina realized that she left her purse in the Grab (that’s just a fancy word for taxi that they use in Thailand) that we took back to our hostel. Luckily she was able to contact the guy and get it back. This was the start of an unforgettable New Year’s vacation.

We stopped at a random spot to get a songtaew to the bus station
Trat, Thailand

Jules and I had to get food in our stomachs so Indria and Christina stayed behind to get her purse. Jules and I ended up finding a Pizza Hut that was in the middle.

Then, we had to take a Grab from there to the bus terminal. We had no idea where we were going so that’s always fun. Christina already bought all of our tickets and the bus was about to leave. Indria ended up coming to the bus terminal but Jules and I were already on the bus. She ended up taking the next bus. Soooo, two of us were on the same bus, and then the other two were on separate buses.

The streets of Pattaya

Once we got to Pattaya Jules and I took motorbikes to our Airbnb. That was amusing because we had our big bags with us. We got to the apartment complex and waited outside.

Since Christina booked the Airbnb, the lady that was supposed to collect us came out a bunch of times looking for her. We realized this about 20 minutes later?? Eventually, we showed them a picture of Christina and got let into the apartment. Soon after, Christina and Indria arrived. We got settled and went out for a night’s walk.

The impeccable rooftop view.
Pattaya, Thailand

We had a chill night. We went to a Mexican restaurant close to our apartment and I got some tacos. There was a rooftop pool that had lovely views. The sunset was amazing. We walked the beach and saw a bunch of farangs. The next day we were on the move.

We were off to our final destination: Koh Chang. We went from Pattaya to Rayong. From Rayong, we took another bus to Trat. From Trat, we hopped on the ferry and were almost to the island!!! After hopping on a curving and swerving and almost falling off of the road, we made it to our Sleepyowl Hostel.

Sunday was our first night on the island. We found this packed bar and danced, sang, and drank a lot. Indria and I found some face paint that glowed in the dark so that was entertaining. I ended up covering my whole face. LOL.

Also, we saw a few fake 7-elevens on the island which was humorous.

The next day Jules, Indria, and I went to a beach and that was nice n refreshing. Christina wasn’t feeling too good lolol. The beach was hot but beautiful. The weather was perfect and the water was warm. I’m used to freezing cold water up near Boston so it was a nice change.

After the beach, we went to a Greek restaurant. We were obsessed with Aesops in Bangkok so we had to compare.

new year's vacation
Our 7/11 gear ????
Rasta View, Koh Chang

That night we strutted through the town in our 7 gear, met this bartender ⬇️ that could spin his bottle opener, and met some more farangs. OH and we decided to get buckets and split them between two people. WHY? Idk. But we did it and we survived.

Andddd the night after was NYE. We went to this Jamaican bar and witnessed another memorable view. After sweating A TON, we made our way back to our hostel and went to the bar that we became regulars at ???? LUCKILY, we all made it out for NYE. They played Sorry by J Biebs (my fav song) and played some other exciting throwbacks as we screamed in the new year.

We left Koh Chang on New Year’s Day. That was rough. Jules had to leave earlier than us cause she was going back to southern Thailand.

Indria, Christina, and I took the songtaew back to the ferry. It was a loooong and rough ride. We struggled all the way. We all agreed it would just be easier for us to take a taxi back to Mahachai…..who wants to take a taxi then a bus then a van to their destination?? Especially on New Year’s Day. Yeah, no one.

We were able to get a taxi back from Trat to Mahachai. It was worth every penny (Baht). The driver stopped at 7s on the way. We played categories, sang, and took naps. It only took a few hours.

Safe to say our New Year’s vacation was memorable. We all laugh about it now because of all of the complications that we faced. From Christina losing her purse to all of us being on separate buses to being complete disasters in our 7-eleven shirts.

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  1. You girls have such a great time and fun. I liked the word Grab for the taxi. It was a smart move to show the person in charge, your friend’s photo at Air BnB flats. Your last year’s celebration and enjoyment are reflecting in the post. Lovely photos. Wish you a healthy, happy, and successful 2021., Marai

  2. It’s funny how we all took a lot for granted like NYE celebrations prior to covid. I did not realize this time last year how much life would suddenly change. This pandemic really was a surprise to many of us.

    xo Erica

    1. Yes, who would’ve thought? We take life for granted for sure.. it was such a shock. I hope we can all overcome it together! ♥️ ????

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