Mahachai Jaidee: The Best Local Bar in Mahachai

Mahachai Jaidee is a small outside bar with friendly staff and tasty food. And more importantly, beer.

This bar is tucked away on a side street in Samut Sakhon. The prices are fair and the owner will make you feel welcome.

In English, it is Mahachai Jaidee and in Thai and Google Maps it’s มหาชัยใจดี.

It’s located on Nikhom Rotfai, which is right off of the main road in Mahachai: Ekkachai Road.

There are many different bars and restaurants in Mahachai and Thailand but this one has a special place in my heart.

What Does Mahachai Jaidee Have to Offer?

Grab a Singha and some french fries and relax in front of a fan.

Whether it’s a weekend night or weekday, a nice cold smoothie or beer always does the trick. You can even buy a t-shirt for a decent price.

They are open from 12:30 pm until 9 pm. So you can make a pitstop when you are traveling to the Mahachai Train Station to get to Maeklong Railway Market or the Mahachai Market because it is on the way.

Check out their Facebook where they share information and post important updates.

Landmark and Whaz are right down the street from Jaidee. Landmark usually has a bunch of tables and chairs so we’d go get some beer at a nearby store and drink there for hours listening to some music and chatting into the night.

My Experience at Jaidee

I came across this bar with my coworker at Samut Sakhon Burana. We were walking to Landmark, which is another great place to hang out, and came across this cool bar with music playing.

Someone there actually yelled “hey!!” at us so we decided to see what it was all about. And then we all became friends. And hey, I might’ve spent 95% of my weekend nights there but it was always a good time.

Us foreigners would always try someplace new, but then we’d just end up at Jaidee because we were always welcomed and sometimes we even got to take control of the music!

The thing is that the people there are all great and entertaining and are genuinely good people. Sometimes the owner and his friends would take me fishing or to random places are Mahachai and the neighboring provinces.

Other times I’d learn some Thai and teach them some words in English.

The mojitos are always good and refreshing. I’d order mine mai nam tan, which means no sugar in English. Sometimes I’d switch it up and get a bottle of Singha, which is my favorite Thai beer.

My last night at Mahachai Jaidee was bittersweet. It was such an enjoyable night but it was also sentimental.

So hey, if you’re in the area and want to meet some friendly locals check out this place and let me know if one of my pictures is still on the bar top!

My last night in Mahachai

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  1. You had some wonderful memories there. Goodbyes are always hard; but in the end the happy time we shared with our friends matter the most.

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