A Weekend in Seoul, Part 2
Sunday April 4th
my weekend in seoul

Day #2 of my weekend in Seoul, it was bright and sunny.

We woke up early-ish and got breakfast. I saw this place that said they had bagels and was sold. We ended up going to this place called She’s Bagel Coffee. It was only about a fifteen minute walk from Rosa’s Airbnb.

We actually ended up walking right by it cause it was kinda in a hidden area and Naver gave us the wrong directions. So we had to retrace our steps then we saw the bright sign (not sure how we missed it the first time). I guess we were just too focused on looking at Naver LOL.

I got a bagel with what I thought was going to be cream cheese but it was just a bagel with something that looked like cream cheese LOL. I also got a sandwich with egg, cheese, and a hashbrown.

That one was amazing. I learned that you always gotta be prepared in case one thing isn’t what you expected it to be. Also, I just always order way more food than I can eat LOL.

After fueling up, we went to Hongdae and went to a photo booth. 2 sets for ₩4,000 and 4 different pictures.. not too bad.

943 King’s Cross!

THEN we went to 943 King’s Cross in Hongdae. It’s also known as 943 King’s Cross Harry Potter Cafe. SO AWESOME. It was expensive and you have to buy something before you take pictures. It was worth it though. ₩7,000 later for an iced earl grey tea and we were in. The cafe has four floors! Each of the four floors have different themes.

I’m a wizard now.

After dressing in the Gryffindor uniform (DUH) and having a photo shoot, we were off to Noksapyeong Bridge for the second time, but this time without rain (picture above).

Since we saw the first location of DanBam from the Kdrama Itaewon Class, we figured we’d go and see the second location. Naver said it was about a 30 minute walk so we were like let’s do it. That walk was steeeeep. And it was hot. The road that we walked on was cute with many different restaurants and a lot of farangs.

15 minutes later, we ended up seeing a bus and hopping on bus 2. It took another 5 minutes and we got off in front of Mini Stop.

We were walking for a minute along the busy narrow roads, and finally found Oriole!! Also known as 단밤.

In Korean it says DanBam.

To the left of the restaurant there were some stairs. We walked down and you could see a good portion of the city!! So pretty.

Across the street was an observatory. The view was breathtaking ⬇️

Since Itaewon Class was one of the two Kdramas that I have seen, it was pretty cool to see where some of it was filmed.

We walked back to bus 2. After about 10 minutes and ₩900, we stopped in front of Tous Les Jours.

We walked to El Pino 323 (Elpino 323 in Naver) and got some yummy Mexican food. I’m not sure if it’s cause I worked at a Mexican restaurant for almost six years or what but Mexican food is always calling my name.

The restaurant was appealing and flavorful. They had a machine so you didn’t even have to order from the server. Chips and salsa were only ₩3,000. Guacamole was ₩10,000. I got some shrimp tacos for (I think) ₩15,000.

After that, we went back to Rosa’s Airbnb so I could grab my stuff and go. We ended up running a little late so we stopped inside Nambu and I changed my ticket for a later time. It was a quick and easy fix.

I took the bus from SouthSeoul to Pyeongtaek for only ₩5,200. It only took about an hour That’s one thing I love about Korea: transportation is usually so cheap. That is, if you don’t mind taking the long route. 

From the Pyeongtaek Intercity Bus Station, I walked to the closest bus stop that Naver said would take me home. 

My weekend in Seoul was definitely needed!

Here’s a TikTok of the cafe!!


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