Charleston SC is an alluring southern town.

My week started out packing for my spontaneous trip to South Carolina.

That’s why I love my jetBlue card: I can book flights throughout the US for cheap/use my points. I only paid $11 in taxes for my flight to Charleston from Boston.

Our flight was later on in the day so I finished packing in the AM.

We ended up being a tad early for our flight so we stopped at Legal Sea Foods which is located in Terminal C. Worked out great cause jetBlue is in Terminal C as well. I am always torn when choosing off their menu. I either get a lobster roll or a greek salad. Both are delectable. I am also a huge fan of their Bloody Mary’s.

2 and a half hours later and we were walking out of CHS.

Most of my cousins on my dad’s side live down in Charleston or nearby. Every few years I like to go down and visit. It should be more often but I guess life and my traveling gets in the way.

One of my cousins, Lauren was moving out of the house so my aunt Tt and I went down there to help occupy the youngins.

Since we landed around 7 pm, we just hung out and ate some food at my cousin’s house.

The following day, we went to James Island County Park with my cousin’s kids for a few hours.

There’s a lake there and there was a sign that said there were alligators. I would’ve loved to see one. Instead, I saw cutie turtles that were swimming close to me.

charleston sc

The next morning, I was invited to go kayaking with my cousin, Gianna in Mt. Pleasant at Nature Adventures.

I rented a kayak for 4 hours for $49- not too bad. The weather was roasting, as usual.

Kayaking there is wicked fun because you can basically bar hop. Or kayak hop LOL.

We kayaked around Shem Creek for a bit.

Then we spotted this bar/restaurant called Muddy’s so we stopped there for a bit. Muddy’s is right next to Vickery’s Bar & Grill. I’m pretty sure they’re the same restaurant.

The dolphin is to the left

We got some grub and drinks. I got crab hushpuppies and a Bloody, of course. We also saw some dolphins from afar!!!! I love dolphins so seeing them always makes me happy.

We jumped back into our kayaks and got closer to the dolphins. One swam under me, which was amazing. I wish I captured better pictures but the experience was still memorable. I got some better videos which are on my TikTok.

Closer picture!!

We kayaked some more and saw a place that sold frozé for $10 each. Obviously, we had to stop. The ice-cold drink was refreshing and satisfying on a boiling summer day.

Strawberry frosé

After getting in a nice arm workout, my cousin and I went to my aunt’s house and hung out with everyone. We played outside and had a relaxing evening.

Shem Creek

Since Lauren just moved to an apartment building, they had a fancy pool. We spent Thursday and Friday there.

Thursday night, my aunt and cousin, Shauna, and I went to Tattooed Señorita. It was a nice night to sit outside. It was also less than ten minutes from where we were staying at my cousin, Sherrie’s house.

I got a Paloma which is always good everywhere I have ordered them. I had some of the best tacos of my life for only $5 each. I got a fried fish and then a grilled shrimp taco. We also got an appetizer that had guacamole, queso, and salsa for $12. The food was mouthwatering.

Baby Aurora (Sherrie’s baby) held by Lauren, Tt, Shauna, Me, and Sherrie at The Southern General

Friday night, all of us went to The Southern General for our farewell dinner. We got some poutine, which didn’t sound too appetizing to me but I was proven wrong. It was flavorful. I also got the southern fish po’boy and a greek salad. Again, the food blew my mind. The menu was fairly priced as well so overall, it was a great experience.

The next stop was the Tattooed Moose. That was another interesting bar. There was writing all over the walls. I signed my name in the bathroom and on the outside table that we were sitting at.

Our final stop of the night was downtown. It was called The Cocktail Club. We stayed there until they closed and then I was dropped off at Sherrie’s house.

We were matching 💕

On the last day in Charleston SC, we went to my cousin Jimmy’s house. He lives about 20-30 minutes from Sherrie and he also lives close to the airport so it worked out great.

Our flight was at 7:55 pm. The airport was vacant; we breezed right through security. We thought we were gonna be late. Little did we know our flight would be delayed almost 3 hours. Fun.

However, we did get to catch a gorgeous sunset so that helped a bit.

We got back to Massachusetts a little after 1 am and didn’t get home til around 2 am. I live about ten minutes from Logan Airport which is awesome.

As you can tell, we did plenty of eating in Charleston SC.

Going to Charleston SC is always a good time. It was nice to see everyone. I hadn’t seen some of my cousins in at least 2-3 years so it’s always nice catching up.


  1. Great post and photos! It looks like you had such an amazing time – the food looks delicious and seeing dolphins sounds like such a lovely and unique experience! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how active you were in those 5 days! And the amount of wildlife you saw was awesome – I drove from one end of the UK to the other and went on 3 cruises to see dolphins!!

  3. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a few cities in the States but Charleston has always been on my bucket list.

    I went to school in Boston and regret not travelling more when I had the chance to but I know I will for sure visit Charleston one day. New orleans is also on my list. Btw, those lobster rolls look so good. I love lobster rolls so much. One of the things I miss about Boston the most

  4. All of this food is making my mouth water! I loved Charleston, I went there for my bachelorette party! Now I want to go back and eat at all of these restaurants, go kayaking, and see dolphins!

  5. 49 usd I my currency is quite expensive. Well, guess I’ll have to double think that one lol. But your trip there seemed so fun you literally narrated for us to picture I think. And the close with airport. Loved those meals and blood orange. Great post. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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